About us

Our Story

Hugmar was created in 1999 by Throstur Gudmundsson, a software developer who had managed a leading ERP business in Iceland. With all his ERP and AS/400 experience he had been painfully aware that the user interface was the platforms main handicap. So he decided to create a tool that could work well with DB2 data from the Windows platform.
This tool was to be repository based and capable of working with DB2 data- sets independent of the underlying proprietary and/or ERP system. The design was well structured and had a clear separation of the major concerns, Database Access, Business Logic and User Interface.

The software is now a web-based, IBM i Integrated application development tool-set that allows re-engineering of business processes and the creation of state of the art applications. 

Our founder, your consultant

Throstur Gudmundsson is the founder of Hugmar, the designer and lead developer of all the Hugmar products. He has keen interest in development methodologies, especially how they apply to the IBM i and modern interfaces. Throstur is an independent software developer focusing on Modernization Development Methodologies for IBM i business solutions. He has wealth of experience designing and implementing ERP and custom applications dating back to before the inception of the AS/400 platform. He  has successfully developed and managed a wide variety of IBM software applications. He will provide guidance and consultancy to your business throughout  the whole process.