Hugmar and other systems


Connecting Hugmar software to other systems

The Python3-based middleware connects the Hugmar Framework (HF) with a variety of REST services. It handles authentication, communication and data transfer between HF and various APIs meanwhile HF handles Data management and business logic on the IBM i. More connections to REST services are being developed.

PAX WebLink – REST

HF and python middleware automate the process of transactions through point of sale (POS) saving the clients time and virtually eliminating human error. Each POS device is managed through a simple, single-page Dojo web application. The interface supports different types of transactions (e.g. payments, refunds, phone payments, history) automatically from the HF billing system. Importantly, all data from the POS transaction is captured and stored in HF. Among other things, this enables incorporation of POS receipts directly on printed invoices.

WordPress – REST

Python middleware automates the process of image management on a WordPress website through the WordPress REST API. This enables a connection between HF and the WordPress site which simplifies management of product images.

Woocommerce – REST

Python middleware connects HF to a woo commerce webstore using WooRestAPI []. This includes comprehensive management of webstore functionality including recording online order transactions in HF’s accounting system. Additionally, the Python middleware provides a toolkit enabling population of the webstore using existing HF Alvis inventory, including product meta-data and product grouping. Once live the webstore can be managed from within the HF framework.

Eimskip & Posturinn – REST

The Python middleware supports automatic generation of shipping orders with distribution vendors Eimskip and Posturinn. When a transaction is initiated in HF with one of these shipping methods selected, shipping documentation is generated and posted to the vendor followed by label printing and records unique shipping ID in the HF Alvis database.